FTSE strike 3 on 7550 and DAX still hugging its zone, today’s ratio table, levels and comment.


FTSE & DAX Ratio Table 2nd May 2018




Significant changes in the FTSE ratios since our last look on the 26th April, the major one being at 7550.

This was DR and as such was tested on Monday with the high of 7546.16, and then yesterday with a triple top, the highest being7549.07.

Today 7450 is R2 and 7550 is now R3, so no mistaking how far they have fallen, the only question that remains is can the FTSE maintain this aggressive a stance?

Then there is perhaps the question of risk versus reward as the zone is now a very long way away, and we are only half way through the second week.


Range:            7450  to  7550 

Activity:          Average

Type:              Bearish



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The DAX may have been officially closed yesterday, but in reality, it hasn’t really got going at all this expiry.

It closed on the Friday of the last expiry at 12540 so it has moved just 70-points in a week and a half.

More revealing are the closes, as all last week they were within 30-points of either side of its zone if it wasn’t actually in it.

With such a huge Y ratio bandwidth this just can’t last.


Range:            12450  to 12550        or        12550  to  12750

Activity:          Did not register

Type:              N/A




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