SPX remains all about R2, hope you listened.

Nb. Our comment from 04/04/19

The SPX is still all about R2.

At the start of this week the intraday high on Monday was 2869.40, so we suspect the hitherto unchanged R2 was still at 2865.

However, that day the market closed at 2867.19, which is a fairly blatant sign that either the market had breached R2, or, and more likely, that it had slipped.

Today, it is at 2885, and as yesterday’s intraday high was 2885.25, it’s a fair assumption that it was here then.

Obviously, it is slipping, and this index just keeps banging on that door until it opens and move back to the next line of resistance.

It will probably hold in the morning, but we would be rather more circumspect later on.

2895 is the next R2 line of resistance, but 2905 is where it takes a big step-up.

But, don’t forget, next week is the rollover and expiry AND it is a 4-day week.

And, more importantly, the zone is still way down at 2795-2805, and is sandwiched in a sea of Y ratio, so if someone says “boo” to this market, there is no support underneath for a very long way indeed.

However, as always, best to keep an eye on the DJX as they seem to be the ones happy to force the pace.

Range:            2860  to  2885

Activity:          Poor

Type:               On balance just bearish

Nb. Our comment on 12/04/19

Since our last comment on the 4th it has indeed been all about R2, which back then was at 2885 as you can see in the left-hand column in the above table.

Furthermore, exactly as we also said back then (please see above comment), this ratio was slipping, so if you had taken notice then all the price action in this index over the last week would have been perfectly understandable.

The top of the DJX’s zone was 26500, and their intraday high, and so far, expiry high, back on Friday 5th was 26487.

So, taking yesterdays close the DJX has lost 344-points, whereas, here in the SPX, it is down just 4.92-points.

As we said “it just keeps banging on that (R2) door” and we even mentioned 2995, so really you just can’t get better than that.

What we did get wrong however, was that the rollover and expiry wasn’t “next week” it is now next week.

But worth noting that R2 is now 2925, but there is what we call a step-up at 2905, which was R2 in-between publications.

The SPX has laid out its stall, and we believe it will still be sensitive to a still receding R2, so, for us, it all now boils down to the DJX, and the top of its zone, and the NDX.

The fact that the rollover and expiry are large on the horizon also means this market is still very susceptible to anyone saying “boo”.

Range:           2805  to  2885        or        2885  to  (2905) / 2925

Activity:         Poor

Type:              On balance bearish

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