SPX , NDX and DJX no surprise, recent excerpts.

Recent Excerpts;


The SPX;

26th Jan 2018:

This respective weakness and strength and rising zone are all bullish, however please be aware that this is all one sided and therefore unnatural, and with the corresponding R2 level nigh on 200-points away this is very much not a risk-free environment.


31st Jan 2018:

So, the open and 2830 are the main points today as it either needs to maintain this aggression or if it remains in the Y ratios then this is one very wide bandwidth which could make the 20 or 30-point moves look like a practice.






The NDX;

31st Jan 2018:

We perhaps should have mentioned the next step-up level, which was 7025, and which is now Y2 in its own right, but the fact the high was 7022.97 on Friday and 7020.64 on Monday means it was more aligned to the DJX than perhaps we thought.

Otherwise not a lot else has changed and it is still in a sea of Y ratio.







The DJX;

26th Jan 2018:

The Feb expiry is different from the Jan one, although the sudden appearance of B1 shows that the same situation is present, but we will say it is nowhere near the colossal magnitude we saw last trip, though it is, however, still big enough to jump straight to our highest level.

The difference is our delta ratio, which is standing at 99.9%, and this shows that there are as many bears out there as there are bulls.



31st Jan 2018:

We left the DJX at 26392 with the ratio levels last Friday showing B1 at 26600.

We sincerely hope you took note as the high that day was 26616, which was also the close, and then on Monday the high was 26608, so since hitting B1 it has retreated virtually 600-points.

Looks like all those bears that we highlighted were out there for the first time in ages were not that benign, or just insurance.

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