Nothing normal about the SPX Dec expiry.

There is so much weirdness in this SPX Dec expiry.


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Apologies for the lack of comment last week, but unfortunately preoccupied.

For the record, the November zone did end up at 4695-4705, so the settlement price was close enough, but the Y1 ratio bandwidth was so wide anywhere in that would have done.

This brings us rather neatly around to this rather weird December expiry, as we would expect the zone here to jump up to that level as well.

This in itself is not weird, well a 200-point hulk-like bound is certainly unusual, so verging on the weird but, the really odd aspects are more like the fact that this would means Y2 starts just above it, and R1 just 50-points above that.

And its not as if the respective bandwidths have narrowed, quite the reverse in fact, with the Y1 one being 310-points and overall, 460-points. And to have Y ratio in a triple at all is a new phenomenon, so to have so much is also weird.

However, the crowning eerie aspect is that here we are in the biggest of the big (which is borne out by the numbers) but the way the ratios are aligned we could be just in an intermediary, they are so similar.

All this abnormality certainly makes for a difficult read of this expiry, on top of which the last expiry saw this index go on to test rather emphatically R1 ratio so, when you also factor in this is a triple, then we have to say Y2 very probably won’t be enough while the jury remains out on how it will react to R1.

However, while there is considerable doubt over how sensitive this index will prove to be this expiry, there is one unmissable truth, which is that the downside risks remain.

If not actually increased, as the corresponding Y2 and R1 ratio levels below the zone are still a very long way away indeed.


Range:            4505  to  4705           

Activity:          Poor

Type:              On balance bearish

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