NDX Sept wierdest one yet, Oct potential, today’s rollover table, levels and comment.

NDX Ratio Rollover Table 21st Sept 2018



Whatever is going on in the NDX we have unfortunately lost track of it, but it will go down, to us at least, as one of the strangest on record.

Considering how seldom we have commented on this index in this expiry it has still managed to achieve our fourth incarnation of spreadsheet, which is high in any expiry let alone one we have only looked at probably that same number of times.

This aside, the real oddity is that overall it seems to have shrunk, and that’s a first.

Monday’s fall of 110.77-points took it back to the top of its zone, but that was as close as it got.

Yesterday’s high was 7582.43, which was a test of Y2, meant it has been happily playing in its Y1 ratio bandwidth all week, and we can’t fault it for that.


 Range:            7425  to  7575        or        7575  to  7675

Activity:          Average

Type:              Bearish



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Please don’t forget that we are dropping down from a triple to an intermediary, and on top of that we revert back to the more usual 4-week format.

Otherwise, no great surprises in October’s ratio alignment, scant in a word, as usual in another.

The biggest attribute we can discern is the fact that the ratios in the Y1 ratio bandwidth either side of the zone is barely registering, so it is actually a very close call whether or not we were going to call the zone 7300 all the way up to 7650.

Which in English means virtually no ratio at all for 350-points, so the potential for huge moves and severe whiplash is certainly there, so hang on tight.


Range:            7525  to  7750                    

Activity:          Average

Type:              Neutral     



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