NDX Ratio Table update

NDX Ratio Table 5th March 2019

As mentioned previously this would be where our last comment of the NDX would be, but as we haven’t covered it for so long this is irrelevant.

Also, why the first column in the above table is blank.





One of the main reasons we stopped covering this index was because nobody was playing in it.

One glance at the above table will show you that hasn’t changed at all, and don’t forget this is a triple, so meant to be a “biggie”, ha ha.

All last week the intraday high was either 7125 or 7150, so for us it has been banging its head on Y2 for quite a few days now, and, interestingly, it was only on Friday that this index managed to close above 7125 for the first time this expiry.

So, to fight back yesterday, from a drop of 132.54-points, to finish virtually unchanged, shows there is some commitment left in the bulls.

And, to be fair, we can hardly claim derivative dominance, especially considering the only R ratio in existence doesn’t appear until 7300, so it’s not as if they have to fight particularly hard, in fact, a gentle shove would be about enough.

At least, there are people playing in the other two, but strikingly all three are very similar in that they are trying to push ahead, but struggling against what is fairly minimal ratio resistance, and all the while standing at the top of a chasm.

So, all are very susceptible to anyone saying “boo”.

Range:            6825  to  7125        or        7125  to  7300                    

Activity:          Average

Type:              Neutral     

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