FTSE Rollover Sept and Oct ratio levels, table and comment

FTSE Rollover Sept to Oct 11th September 2017


What would the odds be for the FTSE to stay inside its zone for an entire expiry we wonder?

Very long as it is a virtual impossibility although Sept is going to run it very close we suspect, as so far we make it just one day it has closed outside and this is in the second biggest expiry of the year, making this all the more remarkable.

Of course our target is the market being inside their zone on the Wednesday rollover so it only needs to remain boring for a couple of days more but this in itself is going to be tricky as on Friday the low was 7358.42 which is strike 2 of the bottom boundary.


Range:            7350  to  7450

Activity:          Poor

Type:               Bullish



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The grey area of the front month is always critical to the heir apparent, this being the October expiry, but this is even more so this time round.

The reason is no Y ratio at all and this is all the more unique as it is so early on as well.

In normal circumstances going from a triple to an intermediary then everything tends to become more sensitive, so even the lower ratios have a noticeable influence, but here outside the zone they escalate very rapidly so to avoid another zone bound expiry it is going to have to get very aggressive.


Range:          7350  to  7450

Activity:        Average

Type:             Neutral


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