FTSE Ratio Table update 13th May 2019.

Nb. Our comment from 04/30/19

Already it seems the zone here in the FTSE is having a major impact.

On Friday last week the intraday high was 7442.39, and we are more than happy to call that strike one of the zones upper boundary.

And, yesterday, the market basically camped out on it for the last two and a half hours of the trading day, so definitely strike two.

For the record the actual intraday high was 7456.49.

Interestingly, the ratios above and below the zone have slipped.

Below R2 slides to 6900, whereas above both R3 and DR move out by 50-points.

Nevertheless, the situation remains the same, as in we believe the best place for this market is in its zone (7350 to 7450), as above it R2 is still waiting to ambush it at 7550, whereas below we don’t even see the R ratios start until 7050.

So, all in all, if it can hold within its zone, we think it will be doing well, as if it gets aggressive it could easily get a bloody nose, and if that shakes loose the bears then it is a long way down before it will find any ratio support.

Range:            7350  to  7450

Activity:          Moderate

Type:              On balance not bullish

Nb. Our comment on 05/13/19

As you can see from our comments above, back on the 30th April, the market was all about the upper zone boundary at 7450.

At that time, we hoped it would stay within its zone, and it almost did, as the remainder of that week, it was all about the lower zone boundary.

The intraday high on the 30th was 7451.32, then on the 1st it was 7446.46, followed by a spike down to 7339.45 but the close on the 2nd was at 7351.31, and most of that day was spent in or around the lower zone boundary.

The intraday low on that Friday was in fact 7350.01.

Of course, our fear about breaking out of its zone was because back then it was all Y ratio down to 7050.

Needless to say, the ratios evolve, so in the two weeks since our last comment you can see how much it has changed by just comparing the two tables above.

It hasn’t quite got down to 7150, and it would be nice if it did, but after the SPX got as low as 2825.39, incredibly close to where we had our R1 and an astonishingly close call considering we stated that was our level for the bounce when that market was nigh on 2900, before finishing up 11-points at 2881.40, we suspect London has had its chance.

This week it’s the rollover, so the focus should be on recapturing its zone, so our old friends and acquaintances 7350 and 7450 will, or should be, back in the frame this week.

Range:            7150  to  7350          

Activity:          Average        

Type:              On balance just fractionally bearish           

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