FTSE Dec to Jan Ratio Rollover Table with levels and comment.

FTSE Dec to Jan Ratio Rollover Table

Did you listen? Probably not, as back onthe 12th November, at this very point (1st day of therollover), we mentioned that the FTSE in this expiry trades between the B ratiolevels.

And please check, but back then B1 was at 6950 and B2 at 6650 with the zone at 7150-7250.

We also mentioned that the zone should really be 6950-7050 (where it is now) and suffice it to say those first two weeks of this expiry were top and tailed by 6950 and 7050. Again, please check on the charts.

These last two weeks have been all about where B2 was, being 6700, and is still what we would class as a “step-up”, even though the official level is now 6550.

Basically, and despite Wall Street’s worst efforts, 6700 caught the low from Thursday 6th Dec to Tuesday 11th Dec.

Incidentally, the expiry intraday high is 7145.49 (3/12/18), which you should also recognise as the bottom boundary of the old zone.

It has been a tumultuous expiry, and just so very typical of the biggest of the big, the mighty Dec, so all in accordance with every expectation and all so utterly predictable, and if one was aware of where the ratio levels were, and even with all the 4th Estate noise, this expiry should have held no surprises.

The only thing that remains is for it to be in or around it’s zone by this Wednesday.

Range:            6550 / (6700)  to  6850        or        6850  to  6950

Activity:          Poor

Type:               Bearish

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At this point we generally strive to point out that after the biggest of the big comes the smallest of the small expires.

Basically, Jan is like falling off a cliff where activity is concerned.

The proverbial reset button, where it all starts again, building up to Dec 2019.

However, in a “normal” year, sensitivity would return, and therefore we would expect the market to trade between the R ratios.

And, of course, this Jan would be no exception, that is, apart from the current alignment of what little ratio there is out there.

This can be no better exemplified than by the fact the zone is a staggering 200-points wide.

On top of this the Y Ratio bandwidth stretches from 6700 (that level again hem hem) all the way up to 7150.

So, as far as predictions go, 200-points of zone is more than enough for London to have a very exciting time in, but when you add the Y Ratio either side it gets more like ecstatic.

Dull it won’t be.

Range:          6700  to  6900

Activity:        Average

Type:            Neutral

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