FTSE and DAX today’s Ratio Table, levels and comment.

FTSE & DAX Ratio Table 24th December 2018

No doubt the Dec expiry in the FTSE was a miss, but considering the pressure it was under from the collapsing US it did rather well in the end we thought.

To put it into perspective London lost 135.54-points last week, 1.98%, whereas the DJIA gave up 1655-points, or 6.87%.

Nevertheless, that will have hurt.

Looking forward into Jan, and no surprise here but all eyes will be on the other side of the pond.

But, if they manage to sort themselves out, the FTSE has 400-points of Y ratio bandwidth to go banana’s in this trip.

That is, on the assumption that the R ratios will be enough to hold the tide.

Range:            6650  to 6700        or        6700  to  6800 

Activity:          Moderate

Type:              Neutral

For the DAX most of what we said for London holds just as true, but here the last week’s fall was 232-points, or just 2.14%.

When we last looked at this expiry, and we didn’t actually publish, but suffice it to say activity has been very high, even though if you were looking at the resultant ratios you wouldn’t have thought so.

The big changes are the appearance of some Y ratio below the zone and R1 above it.

And, this is really the crux of the matter, as the Y ratio bandwidth here is a massive 800-points.

When you also add in the fact that the ratio only goes as high as R1 above the zone, then that is not a high hurdle really, more of a speed bump.

Again, the issue is with the Street, and if they sort themselves out, and the higher ratios here below the zone prove effective, then there is enormous upside potential here.

Range:            10450  to  10600        or        10600  to  10750

Activity:          Strong

Type:              Neutral

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