FTSE and DAX today’s ratio levels and comment


The FTSE got a fright very first thing and found itself back inside its zone, low 7373.31, and staring towards the bottom boundary.

Luckily the bulls stepped in and it took a couple of hours before they recaptured the upper boundary, but the fact they did as much as the fight itself is good news.

Interestingly the real time close was 7414.45 whereas on Wednesday it was 7414.55, so good fight but hardly convincing.

The only aspect to come out of yesterday was perhaps a twitch in 7450-7550 in wanting to be the next NZ.

Very early days but we just say what we see, or the numbers throw up.


Range:            7400  to  7550 

Activity:          Poor

Type:              Bearish



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If the DAX thought it could just park up for the holidays it got a very rude awakening with an open that fell 72-points to 12943, which was more importantly below the bottom boundary.

The low was 12921 which was a severe test of the bottom boundary but the reaction was instant and here they were back testing the bottom boundary in minutes recapturing it within half an hour.

But the fun did not stop there as the high was 13049 which was a test of the upper boundary.

The fact it again closed as near as an index this size can get to the middle of its zone suggests neutrality, but the NZ bandwidth test suggests otherwise as we should therefore see a breakout today.


Range:            12950  to  13050

Activity:          Average

Type:              On balance only just bullish



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November 24th, 2017 by