FTSE 7250 important both in Mch and Apr, today’s levels, rollover table and comment.


FTSE March to April Rollover Table 13th March 2018




We have only just looked at the FTSE (Fri 9th March) so not a lot will have changed, although being the rollover one could argue everything has now changed.

Last Thursday we saw the low of 7145.70 which was a test of R3 at 7150 and which remains unchanged.

Yesterday we saw the high of 7254.87 which was a test of R1 and which was R2 on Friday, but very much expected to drop.

Nevertheless, the above table just goes to show how important 7250 actually is, as get above it and the market is in Y1 ratio, with the draw of the zone 200-points above.

More than likely there will be a compromise, and more than likely on a spike in activity, but it should still be fun, if it can get above 7250.


Range:            7150  to  7250

Activity:          Poor

Type:               Bullish




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At first blush April looks like it may be a major problem for March, the zone here being 7150-7250, where the market is now of course.

So, it could all just boil down to March bossing the expiry, which it should do and the fact it’s a triple going up against an intermediary all the more so.

If it does then it is worth noting that in April the minimal Y ratios do actually stretch all the way up to 7450.

However, it does add weight to the importance of 7250.


Range:          7150  to  7250

Activity:        Average

Type:            Neutral




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