DJX in a two-way pull in June but July has a huge zone, today’s Ratio Rollover Table, levels and comment.

DJX June to July Ratio Rollover Table 13th June 2018




As we said from as early as the last rollover in the DJX that the June expiry was always going to be about that jump from “normal” levels of ratio straight to DR at 26100, and whether this was the limit or the target.

Since the SPX hit R1 at 2755 then R2 at 2775 (Tues & Wed last week) this index has added just 38.05-points to date, whereas the DJX has managed 521-points.

So, whether the DJX just doesn’t have the willingness, or firepower, to force the SPX where it doesn’t want to go, or the siren-like call of their zone is proving too hard to resist, or a combination of the two.

Either way it has certainly been a disjointed expiry with a lot of diverse influences impacting, so it will be good to see the back of it really.


Range:            25100  to  26100     

Activity:          Very poor

Type:               Bearish




Ruzze the game




 Probably best to remind everyone that we just report on what the numbers reveal, we have no control over what those numbers actually are.

So, here is another first, over a 1000-points of zone, or zero ratio, in July.

Talk about chalk and cheese between the two expiries but this it in extremis.

Still a few days to go of course, and of course July is a five-week expiry (slow away), but all the same if it stays like this then it could get extremely skittish either way, or whipsaw both ways, so buckle-up.


Range:           25100  to  27000 

Activity:         Average

Type:              Neutral

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