DJX could Feb be a perfect expiry and Mch will reality continue? Rollover table, level and comment.


DJX Feb to Mch Rollover 14th Feb 2018





Monday was the big day for the DJX as R3 was still at 24300 (from our previous table on the 8th Feb) and the low was 24290.

This kept this index in the R1 ratio bandwidth and gave it a fighting chance for the expiry this Friday, much like the SPX and their battle with 2645, which we highlighted on Tuesday 13th Feb.

Considering the DJX hit B1 at 26600 on the 26th and 29th Jan (highs 26616 & 26608) and it has been all the way down to 23778 (6th Feb), or DR at 23800, which was B1 incidentally just days before, means it only now just has to reach 25000 for the perfect expiry.

But this is a very big “only now just” considering it has been on a 2800-point trip this expiry.


Range:            24300  to  25000     

Activity:          Very good

Type:               Bearish




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Becoming bit of a theme this but the March DJX big clue is here the zone is 24400-24600.

This actually means it is currently below the market, putting it back into bullish territory.

Still a lot of Y ratio around for a triple witching expiry, but the main issue here is really whether or not this snap back into reality will continue.

It’s not as if it doesn’t have enough room to play in, and as we saw with the DAX recently, a round trip finishing back at the zone covers far more ground and is better trading than just a straight line.


Range:           24600  to  25400 

Activity:         Average

Type:              Neutral




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