DJX 2000 pt round trip in Jly plus Aug, today’s rollover ratio table, levels and comment.

DJX July to Aug Ratio Rollover Table 17th July 2018




There is surprisingly little to say about the DJX, especially considering how important and dominant it has been this expiry.

However, in one of those little twist of fate, or coincidences we so love, it is intriguing that after all this expiry so far here we are at 25064 and the last settlement price was 25058, hmmm.

Anyway, July has been all about the very unusual and unique zone in the DJX, that has covered the very impressive one thousand points, a new record.

The intraday low on the 28th June of 23997 was a good test of the bottom boundary, made all the more spectacular by the market finishing the day just over 200-points above.

Currently the market has closed just above the upper boundary, and we could argue that Monday’s high of 25072 was a test of R1 at 25100.

Regardless of this we are more than happy to see that the first day of this expiry the market high was 25003, it then went don to its bottom boundary and then back up for a 2000-point (8%) round trip, so what happens in or around here we can live with.


Range:            24000  to  25000        or        25000  to  25100     

Activity:          Moderate

Type:               On balance not bullish



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Perhaps a 1000-point zone is the new norm?

Or, it could be that currently this index is just unloved, which is such a far cry from how omnipotent it was in 2017.

It is an intermediary rolling into another, so it was always going to be thin, but this is verging on the emaciated.

A few days to go yet of course, but no scares here, just potentially more great trading.


Range:           24500  to  25500 

Activity:         Average

Type:              Neutral




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