DAX always struggled in such high ratio, but July freedom beckons, today’s Rollover Ratio table, levels and comment.


DAX June to July Ratio Rollover Table 13th June 2018





The DAX never really got to grips with being in such a high level of ratio for the entire expiry.

In fact, we can’t remember this index being so staid.

The first couple of days of this expiry were exciting, and the only time it has been above its zone as well rather significantly, and not forgetting it was closed on that first Monday, so from the close on Thursday 24th May, at 12855, it hasn’t really gone far at all from its zone.

Very probably because it has been trying to wade through DR ratio, which today has admittedly slipped to R3, but it is too late now as the focus is on the rollover and expiry, and it remains nicely poised just a fraction below its zone to that end.


Range:            12450  to  12950

Activity:          Poor

Type:               Neutral




Ruzze the game



In one of those delicious twists of irony all the lower ratios that don’t appear in June are all that July can go as high as.

Well, not quite, as above the two respective zones there is some R2, but as both zones are 300-points apart this doesn’t really count.

All the usual mentions of this index being a slow starter and there still being a few days to go but having been stuck in a quagmire for so long we suspect it will really relish its new-found freedom.

Of which there is a lot of it as things stand, with the Y ratio bandwidth measuring a cool 1200-points.


Range:           12750  to  13450

Activity:         Average

Type:              Neutral

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