Can the SPX Dec expiry be as perfect as Nov’s was?

After a near perfect Nov expiry, Dec will bring its own uniqueness to bear.


Nb. Our comment from the 11/16/22 (Not published)


Nb. Our comment for 11/22/22


Firstly, a final comment on the November expiry, where the settlement price was 3983.42.

So, just over 10-points below the zone. After traversing all the way back up from testing Y2 at 3695 (3698.15 3rd) it then tested Y2 at 4005 (4008.97 14th) and, albeit did go a bit higher, to then fall back to 3906.54 before recovering to end within spitting distance of its zone is more than good enough for us.

Hopefully December will be as perfect but, being the biggest of the big, this is a very tall order.

Especially when one considers that this expiry always contains Thanksgiving, and therefore also the usual rally.

Which we have already seen a chunk of we suspect.

More importantly, it means the first week is holiday restricted (actual closures but also absenteeism) so normality doesn’t really return until the last two weeks. Which means, this week and the next, anything can happen.

Apart from the fact it always takes a day or so for everyone to get up to speed with the sheer magnitude of increased activity courtesy of this being a triple and already being about three times the size of an intermediary expiry at the same stage.

Looking at the table above, no surprise the zone is where it is and, in fact, it probably moved before Novembers did.

Slight surprise there is a bandwidth of Y ratio. Although, only time will tell, how long this remains in place.

While it does, this does give the SPX a decent enough trading range to play around in. At least that is, until it decides to get a bit more aggressive.   


Range:            3895  to  4005           

Activity:          Poor

Type:              Neutral

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